Instagram tops among the best platforms for establishing an online presence as well as branding. The visual nature of this platform makes it among the best for customer engagement which increases the chances of making sales. Most of the advice you will get online will be advising you how to make successful campaigns. However, you will not get much content on what makes marketing campaigns fail because most people do not like sharing horrible experiences. Even though experience is the best teacher, you do not necessarily have to fail like others to prosper. The following are the things you should avoid while doing your Instagram marketing.

    1. Posting content just for the sake of it

Your focus should be on posting consistency and not frequency. Posting three times in a day does not add any value to your brand if your content is not well researched. Take your time and craft content that adds value to your customers. You may be tempted to copy content from other sources but remember that customers need fresh content. Develop a posting schedule and have specific days when you post your content. You can have different days for images and others for videos.

    1. Do not use an incomplete profile

Potential customers love authentic businesses that can be traced. They do not want impostors who cannot take responsibility for the products they provide for sale. The biography section gives you a good platform to highlight all your details for potential customers to see. Make use of this section all give all the relevant details. You can as well add a link on this section to your external sites or video channels. It will also be a very nice place to lead people to your landing page. High traffic on your external is likely to increase your sales volume.

    1. Forget to engage your customers

The modern-day customers ensure that he or she knows all the relevant details before making the final decision. Such customers can ask questions in the comment section or the Direct Message option. Ensure that you resolve all issues and follow-up to ensure that customers get the satisfaction they deserve. You can automate various tasks such as posting content and searching for hashtags but remember to engage your followers on a personal level. You can check some cool automation tools at and make your Instagram marketing campaigns easier and more effective.