Tips to Make Your Xmas Tree Last Longer

If you plan to make your Christmas season thrilling this season, get yourself a Christmas tree. You can get a real Christmas tree or an artificial model. For artificial Christmas trees, you can visit Xmastree Express to learn more. However, if you choose a real Christmas tree, here is what you can do to make it fresher for longer.

Selecting your tree

Experts suggest that the best way to get a natural Christmas tree is to obtain a fresh one, preferably from a local farm. The fact that you get it from a local farm means it can survive the climatic conditions of the area. It also enables you to reduce shipping costs. If you buy from a nursery or a store, you should ask whether the trees were harvested recently. You also need to know the origin of your preferred Christmas tree.

Handling your tree

Once you purchase the tree and bring it to your house, you should start the maintenance straightaway. In fact, from the store or farm, you should wrap the tree in a plastic canvas to protect it during the journey. If you buy a pre-cut tree, you should remove an inch from the base to remove the sap that can prevent the tree from absorbing water. It is advisable to ask the dealer to do the cut in a professional manner.

Watering your tree

Immediately you reach home, you should put the tree in water. You can put it on its stand or place it in a bucket of water if it was not trimmed immediately. The point is to prevent the base of the tree from drying. This will help keep the needles strong and fresher.

Besides water, you should also do something to feed your tree. For example, some consumers add corn syrup to the basin of water in which they place the tree.

Setting your tree

You should keep the tree in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, fans, or heaters. These things can make your tree dry faster. Experts advise that you use a room humidifier to keep the needles fresh and reduce fire risk.

To minimize the risk of fire, you should ensure that the lights on the tree are in good working order. Do not keep your tree near open flames, as this can cause a fire.

Cleaning up your tree

After the season, you should not just throw your tree or toss it somewhere at the corner of your basement. With a good care and maintenance, the tree can last longer even after the season. Better still, Christmas trees could be recycled to make good mulch for your garden.

In the end, it boils down to knowing the right thing to do, so your tree can stay fresh for longer.