Tips on how to optimize your Instagram account for marketing your business

With such a high number of users using Instagram, it is no surprise that there is believed to be over 8 million business accounts on the social media platform. They are there to grow their target audience and build their brand. Depending on your selected demographics, Instagram can be quite a competitive place for businesses to launch an effective marketing campaign. Therefore it is important to make sure you have optimized your account in order to implement and execute a marketing strategy for maximum effect.

Are you using a business account?

When using Instagram for business purposes it is important to change your account to a business one. This can allow you to take advantage of extra features such as access to a number of useful analytic features. Another extra benefit of having a business account is that you can include call to action buttons which are unavailable on personal accounts.

Remember to optimize your account by creating relevant Bio details:

The Bio section at the top of your profile will be the first thing to get noticed by users viewing your account. Therefore, it is important to create a strong Bio section. The Bio section explains what your business is. There are only 150 characters allowed to describe it so it’s best to keep it short and direct.

The Bio is the only place on Instagram that you can include a link. Make sure to include a link to your website here to drive traffic from Instagram to your site.

Small things will make a huge difference in your Instagram marketing efforts and how your account gets noticed. Therefore, it is important to have a recognizable profile picture that is relevant to the company. Your username and name also need to be relevant to your business and as both are searchable.

Partner with targeted influencers:

Parting with targeted influencers can help you to reach out to potential followers.

These influencers have a lot of benefit to you as they have already the audience. By partnering with them you can avoid doing all the hard work and allow them to show off your brand. These influencers have a lot of power as they have built up a large loyal base of followers. It is important to only choose influencers that are relevant to your business or have an audience that is relevant.

Cross promote on your other social media accounts for maximum effect:

Instagram may be one of the most popular social media channels but it is not the only one. Therefore if you already have an audience of other social media platforms you should make them aware of your Instagram account and invite them to follow you. You can also post content on your other social media accounts and link it to your Instagram account to drive traffic to your Instagram profile.  These can be quick ways to generate more followers to your Instagram account. By having more followers especially loyal ones it will improve your brand’s image.

These are some of the most popular approaches to optimize your account. Read IncomeArtist for more effective strategies to grow your Instagram account and build your audience. It is important to remember to plan your marketing strategy before you take action.