Gaming Headset Buying Guide

A gaming console offers an ideal way for people to relax after a long day at work, while for others, it is the perfect way to pass the time with friends and family. Needless to say, games help to relieve stress and also enhance social interactions. I have to admit that the quality of the sound has a huge impact when it comes to gaming as it determines how a player experiences the game. Stand-alone speakers can produce quality audio but tend to have a few disadvantages. For instance, I may be required to turn up the sound to hear some faint noises such as footsteps. With a stand-alone sound system, turning up the output can cause disturbance to others without directly improving my gaming experience.

Therefore, as much as gaming headsets are often overlooked, they are an important inclusion for an enjoyable gaming experience. Unlike with stand-alone sound systems, I can enjoy my games in a more realistic and immersive way with gaming headsets without worrying about irritating others or being distracted by outside noises. As such, it is important to find quality headsets if you want to enjoy an incredible gaming experience. Buying a gaming headset can be challenging owing to the many options in the market. This article looks at some important factors you should consider before buying gaming headsets.

In-Ear or Over the head

When it comes to headsets, there is an option of whether to buy over the head or in-ear. For gaming purposes, the over the head option is more suitable because of the comfort and the speaker size. In-ear headsets are weak when it comes to positional audio and have small speakers that can be uncomfortable fitting in the ears.

Wired or Wireless

Depending on your setup, you can go for either option as long as it works best for you. For example, I find both options working well if am using a home PC. However, with a gaming console, the wireless option is far much better suited. Both sets have their pros and cons; hence, it is important to consider which one fits best to your gaming needs and go for it. You can gather more information on sites such as Armchair Empire so as to make an informed decision.

Mic or no mic

Some PC games enable players to interact with each other as they play. As such, some gaming headsets come with microphones to enhance communication while others don’t. If you do not want to interact with other players, you can buy the ordinary headsets with no mic, however, if you want to challenge or interact with other players verbally, then you would consider buying those that come with headphones.

However, there is also an option of using separate microphone and headset combinations. If you prefer the different mix, be sure to buy a clip-mic as they offer good quality and are not obstructive. I would not recommend anyone to wear an over the head headset and microphone at the same time.


The amount of money a buyer plans to spend will determine the quality and the features he will get. However, headphones are less expensive than external sound systems making them affordable.

In summary, it is quite apparent that gaming headsets improve the gaming experience and maximizes a player’s performance. Buyers should look for features that best suit their needs and take the time to compare the sound quality, reviews and features of different headsets before making the final decision.