The social media world is constantly changing. You may have noticed several recent changes on most platforms so it should not be a surprise to you at how Twitter automation rules have changed over the past few months.  The platform emphasizes the importance of remaining authentic and has been working hard to eliminate any malicious activities and conversations. With these changes, there are best practices that can help you to flawlessly automate your account and market your brand on the platform. Let us look at some of them.

Embrace Content Diversity

Utilize every opportunity to introduce new content on your feed instead of posting the same old stuff. Diversifying your posts will keep your followers engaged and help create a strong image for your brand. Use videos or a good gif image to boost your engagement and stick to retweeting posts from relevant accounts. You can ask some questions or share an interesting quote with your audience. Do not be afraid of experimenting with new content ideas and formats.

Maximize on Visibility

Twitter is one of the greatest platforms that can help you achieve your personal and business goals. You cannot achieve this if your visibility is still low. Make it easy for your customers to find you. Keep your Twitter handle short, simple and relevant to your brand. Optimize your bio as this is the first thing that users will look at whenever they visit your profile. Add relevant hashtags and a link to your website or your other social media accounts. You can use a Twitter bot to identify the best hashtags for your niche.

Streamline Your Account

Violating Twitter automation rules can get you suspended from the platform. Before utilizing any automation tools, read through the policies and incorporate them into your activities. Twitter bots and growth services can help you make new posts, recycle evergreen content and engage more with your followers.  In case you don’t know which automation service to use, Fred Harrington has a blog that features some of the best options available on the market today. To stay safe, avoid aggressive retweeting and sharing the same links over and over. Do not share the same content across multiple accounts and customize your replies to be as original as possible.

In Conclusion

In an attempt to keep the platform safe for all users, Twitter is always on the lookout for spammy behaviour. Any activity that disrupts the experience of users on the platform or drives attention to unrelated stuff is considered as spam. Ultimately, allow your followers to share ideas and feedback instantly without any restrictions.