When I first read about ergonomics a good fifteen years ago I thought what a nonsense is that. I’m behind my computer like sixteen hours a day and I never had any issues. However, now that I’m getting a little older complains do start to add up. I have this odd feeling in my legs sometimes. Now I can’t say this has to do with a wrong sitting position or that I’m just aging but when I started to feel a similar thing in my wrists I knew something was off.

I made a list for myself, and now I’m willing to share it with you as well as it’s very easy to oversee certain things that might be so obvious.

  • Use a keyboard tray – or a laptop tray if you work on one of those, this way you can set the height and angle at the same position as your underarms and elbows.
  • Armrests – if you don’t use these there will be a lot of pressure on your arms which can so easily be resolved by getting a solid chair that has them already in place. Nearly every office chair is equipped with them so if you don’t have it its time to talk to your employer and point out the health risks.
  • Footrest for your feet – yeah what else for, alternatively you can also adjust the height of your chair so that your feet just touch the ground while your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • High enough chair – ideally you want your chair to be high enough so that it supports your upper back and shoulders. Most people completely overlook this necessity. It’s okay to lean back a little though, don’t over complicate things here.

Some other things that are important are taking regular breaks, and moving your feet on a regular base. I do this myself already without even thinking about it, don’t ask me why maybe I just can’t sit still while others can. Also, make sure to let your arms hang freely, the armrests will take care of the rest.

Realize that what works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa, so if your boss moves you to a different office don’t take the old guys set up for granted. Your needs might be completely different than his so figure it out and get yourself in the best ergonomic position. If you need help you can always bookmark this post and revisit it later.