Enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a room using chandeliers

Chandeliers are always considered as one of the most prominent aspects of a living or dining room. They can be described as one of the most attractive lightning devices and these types of lighting ornaments always stand out in the best possible manner. There are a wide range of chandeliers available in the market and they include crystal chandeliers, minimalist chandeliers, classical chandeliers, caged chandeliers, branched chandeliers and many more. Since there is plenty of choices available, finding the best one has become a difficult task for many people. People need to consider several aspects before buying one. The size and length should be taken into consideration before arriving at a decision because the whole purpose of buying a chandelier is lost when a person selects a chandelier with wrong size. The theme of the house should be given the due attention it deserves as well.

Classical and simple fixtures

For classical dining rooms, crystal chandeliers are the best option available and chandeliers made using straw are also a good choice for classical concepts. The antique look of these lighting devices offers a classical touch to the dining room and they add charm and elegance to the dining room. One of the negative aspects of antique fixtures is that they can be a bit worse for wear and they start losing the freshness after some period of time. In order to prevent the wear, chandeliers should be maintained and cleaned frequently and it is always advisable to hire professional companies for cleaning because this process definitely demands a bit of experience and expertise as well. Simple chandeliers can be used for modern and minimalist themes and, some of the simple devices are white ball with pointy ornaments or square-shaped chandeliers. These fixtures come in wide range of colors and they include gray, white and black as well.

Branched and caged chandeliers

Traditional or branched fixtures utilize a series of arms to carry the electrical lighting and it creates a ring of branches around a central trunk, making it look like a tree with branches. These fixtures offer soft and elegant light and, they have small shades around each light to create a subtle glow. As the name suggests, caged chandeliers feature a metal cage that surrounds the light source and they provide an old-world feel to the space. The method employed in these lighting arrangements can be compared to lighting real flames to illuminate the streets of cities in ancient Rome and Greece.

Enhancing the overall ambiance

Lighting plays a prominent role in deciding the mood of a room. Interior designers give utmost importance to placement and type while installing chandeliers because they work in conjunction with color, size, availability of natural light and furniture to make a room aesthetically appealing. When all these components blend well, the overall ambiance radiates positive energy and it transforms a room into seamless combination of style and functionality as well.


Earlier, the practice of purchasing chandeliers was confined to rich and elite only. Now, the situation has changed and common people have also been using these fixtures to make their home look elegant and beautiful. The existing trends indicate that the popularity of classical chandeliers is going to reach new heights in the immediate future.


Chandeliers have become an inevitable aspect of many homes these days. This article talks about different types of chandeliers and it also covers how these lighting fixtures enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a room. Once you visit arm studio you’ll find a wide range of commercial and classical chandeliers.