Drinking Your Fruits And Vegetables For A Better Health

The benefits of juicing cannot be denied. Fruits and vegetables are rich of vitamins and minerals the body needs, protecting it against various diseases. If you are someone who does not find eating vegetables and fruits fun, juicing is one of the best options for you. By juicing, you still are able to get the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables and you are still able to make your body fit and healthy.

What are the options when buying a blender for juicing?

Before anything else, you have to decide whether to buy a juicer or buy a blender for juicing. The difference between juicing and blending is this: juicing simply means extracting the fluids from the fruits or vegetables, while blending is not only extracting the juice, it also crushes the meat and fiber of the fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the outcome from blending is thicker than the outcome from juicing.

What is the proper way of blending fruits and vegetables?

In case you decide to use a blender for juicing, the initial step is to chop or cut into pieces the fruits and vegetables that you chose to drink. You put the small pieces of vegetables and fruits to the blender, pushing the pieces closer to the blades. The blending time of the fruits and vegetables actually depend on the model of your blender, as there are power blenders that high-speed, while the conventional ones blend the traditional way.

How to prepare blended fruits and vegetables?

The way you produce the juice of the fruits and vegetables would depend on how you want to consume them. For instance, if you only want just the juice, you may use a juicer in which the main function is to just extract the juices of the fruits and vegetables. But if you want a rather thick consistency, you may use a power blender which functions as both a juicer and blender in one, allowing the fibers and meats of the fruits and vegetables to blend in the extracted juice.