Custom Tailored Suits vs Off-The-Rack

Having trouble finding something for your man for Christmas?  Tired of buying suits that just don’t seem to fit quite right? The suit size can be a big challenge when you buy ready-made suits from off the racks. Never settle for a suit unless you are thoroughly satisfied with the fitting and measurement. Insist on a couple of trials and never compromise unless all rectifications are carried out to your complete satisfaction. SuitsforMe is the ultimate website for men to get the right sizing for suits, blazers, pants, and overcoats. Suits have been popular for a long time. Suits is the most important fashion piece of clothing for men.  They need suits for professional job interviewing, weddings,  funerals, and other formal events.

According to Wikipedia, the current styles were founded in a period of sartorial revolution during the early 19th century. This sharply changed the elaborately embroidered and jeweled formal clothing into the simpler clothing of the Regency period (1811–20), which gradually evolved to the stark formality of the Victorian era (1837-1901). It was in the search for more comfort that the loosening of rules gave rise in the late 19th century to the modern lounge suit.  In the 20th century, America launched a ready-to-wear manufacturing industry and the production of suits became an integral part of the men’s clothing industry.

There are many different fabrics of suits to choose from. There’s wool, polyester, cotton, and linen

GQ Magazine wrote a nice article about suits.  Pants and Pant hems need to be finished by a tailor.  According to the article you also need to consider your suit’s pockets: “The most common example of suit pockets in the wild are flap pockets, featuring a rectangular flap of fabric that hangs about two inches over the front of the pocket. (Your new jacket will arrive with its flap pockets sewn shut, but a seam puller, your tailor, or a simple index finger and a yank will open your flaps and make them functional.) Patch pockets look like were originally found on sporting jackets and are stitched to the outside of the jacket, not the inside. The sartorial net effect is that they give off a more casual, utilitarian vibe. Besom pockets are found on more formal jackets and tuxedos and have no flap. They’re super-clean and mean but not right for the office.”

Whatever you do, just don’t walk into work with a Disco suit.  Rather, visit Suits for Me to be the next fashionable man at the office. It’s worth a visit.