Causes Of Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are serious problems that affect a big section of the population from all over the world. To know how serious it is, more than 75% of people aged between 20 and 59 years report that they experience sleep disorders regularly. Sleep disorders manifest themselves at different levels, and they can be acute or chronic. Those with acute sleep disorders find themselves having problems catching sleep may be one in a week. However, if you find yourself having problems sleeping maybe four times a week, then your disorder is at a chronic level. The following are some of the causes of sleep disorders.

Stress and anxiety

You may have found yourself rolling in bed for hours when you are stressed. It is very common owing to the pressures of this life that are somehow unforgiving. You may even, at times, have sleep lapses or disturbances when you are sleeping, which affects the quality of your sleep. The only way to handle stress is when you embrace your troubles head-on. It is also good to share with someone close to you, as this will reduce the burden. You can also engage in an activity that will help you forget your struggles.

Environmental factors

The physical environment can have a direct impact on the quality of sleep that you get. For instance, some people find it hard falling asleep when it is too bright. You may also face the same problem if you have a partner that snores a lot. The mattress you are using could also be the source of your suffering. Your current mattress may have collected lots of chemicals and other unwanted substances, and that is why your sleeping patterns are disruptive. Foam Nights reviews some of the best mattresses that combine comfort and safety to ensure that you have good night sleeps.

Physical factors

The condition of your body could be the reason why you are having problems sleeping. For instance, back and neck pains can lead to immense suffering, and unless you address them, you will always have sleep disorders. Another cause of discomfort is ulcers, which are characterized by a burning sensation. Excessive stress and depression worsen ulcers, and you may have to abandon some meals altogether. Headaches may also affect your sleep patterns, and there are some types you can do away with them through off shelf painkillers while others will require diagnosis by a qualified professional.