Apple iPad Accessories to Buy for Grandma

The iPad has proved to be a preferred device to users ranging from a few months old to seniors in their 80s. The latter represent an ever-increasing number of users especially as themselves, their guardians and families realize the importance of this gadget. Today we look at the various ways you can make the gadget more useful to the senior citizen and the various options available to you.

The best accessories for senior users takes into consideration accessibility and usability, putting in mind the fact that the senior is going through a number of issues.

Protection Against Impact

The bare iPad comes with a shiny glass and back cover that can easily slip out of the senior’s hand and fall. You need to provide a shock resistant case that prevents extensive damage whenever the device slips out of grandma’s hands as she dozes off.

One of the options you have is the Griffin Survivor Extreme-duty Military case that is compatible with iPad 3 and iPad 2. This case comes with a rigid internal frame to protect the gadget against drops and shocks. Integrated silicone cladding protects against vibration. You can also consider the Trident Kraken II Hybrid case suitable for iPad 2. This comes with a clear screen shield and a shock absorbing inner sleeve made of silicone. The silicone is also present at the corners to protect against impacts and drops.

Screen Protection with Integrated Anti-glare Property

A good screen protector is ideal for any senior, but with the diminishing eye strength, you need one that has anti-glare property to prevent further damage to your grandma’s eyes. Such a screen not only protects from scratches and nicks but also adds a layer that makes it easy for the senior to use the tablet in bright environments. The iPad 2 and iPad 3 come with a glossy finish that is highly reflective in brightly lit rooms or the sunny outdoors.

One of the options you have is the iVisor for iPad 2. This screen makes use of hardened surface treatment to protect against scratches and dents. It is highly transparent to offer clear vision and installs easily minus bubbles. This screen utilizes an anti-reflective film to reduce the glare and reflection. It further makes use of an EZ-Glide layer treatment to reduce friction on the screen.

Make It Easy for the Senior to Hold the iPad

iPad lap holders make it easy for the senior to handle the gadget, eliminating the need to physically hold it in the hand at all time. The effort the senior puts in to hold the gadget leaves her feeling tired and uncomfortable. The solution is to have a holder.

You can consider the Prop ‘n Go Slim iPad Pillow, which comes with an adjustable angle controller. This holder is ideal for the iPad air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini and iPhone.

Make Grandma Smile Today

The way you use your iPad isn’t the same way your grandma will use hers. It is therefore just fair that you customize the gift to suit her age. Make sure you visit iThingum to find the ideal accessories for seniors today.